Call for papers ESA RN16 Mid-Term Conference


Call for Papers ESA RN16 Mid-Term Conference May, 19-21, 2016 Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, New University of Lisbon, Portugal Local Organisers: Helena Serra and Tiago Correia

New directions in health care work and organisations

In contemporary societies, the social organisation of healthcare is facing many challenges that may lead to fundamental transformations. Major challenges emerge from global economic trends towards marketization and the ways most States are restructuring the public sector. Side effects are already taking place, in particular how work is structured and organizations compete in the context of limited recourses. Consequences are set also on the side of users. However, it must not undermined that some fields in healthcare and players may face expansion and new opportunities in this context, namely those linked to technologies and management. In sum, changing policies and governance result in comprehensive challenges to the social organisation of healthcare that warrant further attention, including different models of governance; greater involvement of technologies; the emergency of new health professions and competition for professional jurisdictions; the incentive of private healthcare systems; possible implications for users in the access to and consumption of healthcare. This new directions may vary within and among countries and globally.

We invite papers that explore these developments in comparative perspective or in a single country or professional group. Next to an open Call for Papers, a number of thematic sessions are also proposed; please clearly indicate your session preference and choose either the open call session(s) or one of the thematic sessions (see the list below).

Please submit your abstract by email to: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it with a copy to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ; deadline is 30 November 2015. Abstracts must be submitted as an email attachment in the format of a word file and must be prepared in the following style: preferred session; title of the paper; name of author(s), institutional affiliation and email address; followed by an abstract of no more than 200 words. Please note: abstracts that do not follow these guidelines cannot be considered.

A decision on acceptance (or otherwise) will be made in close consultation with the session organisers; authors will be informed on the status of their abstract no later than 30 December 2015.

List of Sessions Session 1 – (Open Call) New directions in health care work and organisations (see the Call for Papers for this Mid-Term Conference)
Organisers: Helena Serra and Tiago Correia (Portugal)

Session 2 - Emerging and resurgent actors in health contexts
Organiser: Brígida Riso (Portugal), Mário Santos (Portugal) and Violeta Alarcão (Portugal)

Session 3 – Working time arrangements, work-life-balance and health of health care professionals
Organisers: Johanna Muckenhuber (Austria) and Hannah Volk (Austria)

Session 4 - Labor of management in case of management of labor: changing policies of maternity care in post-socialist societies
Organisers: Anna Temkina (Russia) and Anastasija Novkunskaya (Russia)

Session 5 - Maternity care in Europe: social changes and institutional challenges
Organisers: Ekaterina Borozdina (Russia), Mário Santos (Portugal) and Ema Hrešanová (Czech Republic)

Session 6 - The Challenges of the Assisted Reproductive Technologies: Gender, Medicalization, Inequalities
Organisers: Lia Lombardi (Italy) and Alice Sophie Sarcinelli (France)

Session 7 - Patient-centered care and public involvement in health technologies
Organisers: Cláudia de Freitas (Portugal), Alicia Renedo (UK) and Susana Silva (Portugal)

Session 8 - Care at distance: telemedicine and transformations of health-care settings
Organisers: Carlo Botrugno (Italy) and Joana de Sousa Ribeiro (Portugal)

Session 9 - The active ageing policy framework in Europe: challenges and potentialities for health care organisations
Organisers: Angela Genova (Italy) and Micol Pizzolati (Italy)

Session 10 - Listening to the voices of children: how to bring them into the sociology of health and illness
Organiser: Ana Patrícia Hilário (Portugal)

Session 11 - Emotions and the Qualitative Health Researcher
Organisers: Ana Patricia Hilário (Portugal), Ema Hresanova (Czeck Republic) and Kàtia Lurbe I Puerto (France)

Session 12 - Doing sociological research with/within the “medical world”: research ethics and methodology
Organiser : Kàtia Lurbe I Puerto (France)

Session 13 - What new direction in oral healthcare?
Organisers: Elena Spina (Italy) and Giovanna Vicarelli (Italy)

A Workshop for PhD and Early Scholars will be held prior the Mid-Term Conference on the 18 May 2016 under the theme ‘Quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods research: New insights for the study of health and illness’organised by Ana Patrícia Hilário and Martina Štípková


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