2014 Robin Badgley Memorial Student Award Recipients




The 2014 Robin Badgley Memorial Student Award was presented to Tania Jenkins for her paper "‘It’s Time She Stopped Torturing Herself’ Medical Paternalism in End-Of-Life Care Among Internal Medicine Residents"


 Tania M. Jenkins is a PhD candidate in the Department of Sociology at Brown University in Providence, RI (USA). In 2010, she was awarded the SSHRC Doctoral Fellowship to support her doctoral training. Her research interests are centered around medical sociology, particularly the medical profession, professional stratification, sociology of diagnosis and ethnography. Tania’s dissertation research examines the (re)production of status inequalities among internal medicine residents in the United States. Through a comparative hospital ethnography of two medical centers, she explores how educational pedigree (i.e. where residents went to medical school) affects trainees’ opportunities in residency and beyond.

Prior to her PhD, Tania obtained an MA from McGill University, where her SSHRC-funded master’s research examined the relationship between access to primary care and socio-economic status in Quebec, using a mixed methods approach. Her Master’s work earned her several accolades, including the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada Joseph and Sandra Rotman prize for Student Excellence in Public Policy Innovation, as well as the Governor General of Canada’s Academic Excellence Gold Medal.

She currently has two sole-authored publications in Qualitative Health Research and Health, as well as co-authored manuscripts in BMC: Health Services, Social Science & Medicine and American Journal of Public Health.

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