[MEDSOC] New SHI podcast


Podcast from Sociology of Health & Illness'
Key thinkers and debates series

Podcasts in the "Key thinkers and debates" series contain interviews and discussions with key figures in the sociology of health & illness. In some cases, these are long-established sociologists reflecting on the past, present and future of the field, or on particular contributions which they have made. In other cases, they are authors or editors discussing papers or special issues which they have produced under the auspices of the journal.

An interview between Mike Bury and Jonathan Gabe


The podcast is split into three parts:

  1. The History of Medical Sociology in the UK: Biographical Disruption and Illness Narrative
  2. The Expert Patient and NICE
  3. Ageing and Health

Relevant articles

Also in the series

Watch the interview with Professor Renee Fox about the Reflections on the development of medical sociology
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