By Neena L. Chappell, Margaret J. Penning

Uunderstanding health health carenderstanding Health, Health Care, and Health Policy in Canada is a brief introduction to the sociology of health and health care. This accessible text emphasizes health (promotion, maintenance, and prevention) as well as illness (treatment, cure, and care), offering a broad and balanced treatment of the sociological debates within the field. The first half of the text introduces three important themes in the study of the sociology of health: (1) the importance of approaching health issues from a lifespan perspective; (2) the need to attend to both the public and the private, the micro and the macro, and the individual and the structural; and (3) issues of inequality as they intersect with health, health care, and health policy. The second half of the text focuses on Self, Formal, and Informal Care, along with Canada's health care policy. Discussion on topical issues such as obesity, smoking, homelessness, AIDS, stress, and mental illness can be found throughout the book, ensuring that the subject matter is relevant to students' experiences of health and health care in Canada.

Readership : A core resource for second-and third-year university and college sociology of health courses.


Table of Contents:

Preface and Acknowledgements

1. Health and Health Care: Sociological History and Perspectives

  • A Sociological Perspective
  • A Brief History of Sociological
  • Thinking about Health and Health Care
  • Theoretical Approaches to Health and Health Care
  • Social Inequalities in Health and Health Care
  • Conclusion

2. Health and Illness

  • Definitions of Health and Illness
  • Sociology and Social Construction of Health and Illness
  • Social Factors in Health and Illness
  • Experiencing Health and Illness: Opportunities for Agency
  • Health and Illness over the Life Couse
  • Conclusion

3. Self and Informal Care

  • Introduction
  • Self Care When Healthy
  • Self Care When Ill
  • Caregiving
  • Conclusions

4. Formal Care

  • Introduction
  • Health Professions
  • Health Care Settings
  • Experiencing Formal Care
  • Conclusions

5. Health Care Policy

  • Health Care as Social Policy
  • Some Background on Canada's Health Care System
  • Health Care Reform
  • A Lack of Progress
  • Globalization and Capitalism
  • Other Vested Interests - The Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Consequences for Individuals
  • Allowing for Agency
  • Conclusions

Conclusions: The Sociology of Health and Care in the Future

  • To Summarize
  • Revisiting Health and Illness
  • Changing Self Care
  • Relying on Others
  • Health-Care Services in the Future
  • Health-Care Policy - Is There an Alternative?
  • Sociological Advances
  • Suggestions Websites




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