Edited by Mark Novak, Lori Campbell

Taging societyhe sixth edition of Aging and Society continues to provide students with a solid understanding of how aging affects the individual and society. Incorporating the most recent Census data, the new edition of this text explores the challenges modern society faces with a rapidly aging population. Issues such as health care and social security are explored. New pedagogical features throughout the text allow the student a better understanding of how the topic relates to their lives and society as a whole.


  • Positive exploration of aging in Canada
  • Covers topics that are relevant to Canadians such as health care and long term care
  • Balanced approach to all subjects

New to this Edition

  • Updated research based on the most recent census material
  • 17 new photos in total (0-2 photos within the body of the chapter, in addition to photos for chapter openers)
  • “Websites To Consult” at the end of each chapter.


Table of Contents:

Part 1. Gerontology Today

  1. Aging Today
  2. Theories and Methods

Part 2. Historical Change

  1. Aging Then and Now
  2. Aging in Canada

Part 3. Maturational Change

  1. Personal Health and Illness
  2. The Psychology of Aging
  3. The Social Psychology of Aging

Part 4. Institutional Change

  1. Health Care
  2. Finances and Economics
  3. Retirement and Work
  4. Housing and Transportation
  5. Leisure, Recreation, and Service
  6. Family Life and Social Support
  7. Death and Dying



Source: Nelson Education

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