By Mark Susan M. Hillier, Georgia M. Barrow

Iaging individual societyn the coming years, understanding senior citizens will be more important than it's ever been. Are you ready? AGING, THE INDIVIDUAL, AND SOCIETY introduces you to gerontology in a compassionate way that helps you understand them and know how to work with them. It's balanced between academic and practical discussions, and packed with study tools. That way, you'll ace the class and be ready for the future!


  • Expanded focus on current research with a greater emphasis on research methodology
  • Multidisciplinary approach to the field of gerontology
  • Each chapter begins with an "Old is News" article that draws attention to an older person in the news which underscores the human drama of aging and the unique aspect of aging on an individual basis.
  • "Thinking About Aging" features appear in most chapters and focus on important current issues
  • "Fieldwork Suggestions" (at the end of each chapter) are designed to increase student interaction with senior citizens and to help the student apply the chapter material

New to this Edition

  • Throughout the text this edition has enhanced the global perspective.
  • All the "Old is News" boxes have been updated. These boxes are designed to jump-start student interest in each chapter with a news story to help students understand the practical reality of the chapter's concepts.


Table of Contents:


  1. Aging in America.
  2. Stereotypes and Images.
  3. Social and Psychological Theories in Later Life Development.
  4. Physical Health and Well Being.
  5. Mental Health.
  6. Friends, Family, and Community.
  7. Intimacy and Sexuality.
  8. Work and Leisure.
  9. Finances and Lifestyles.
  10. Living Environments.
  11. The Oldest-Old and Caregiving.
  12. Special Problems.
  13. Women and Ethnic Groups.
  14. Death and Dying.
  15. Politics, Policies, and Programs.

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