By Sarah Harper

Tageing societieshis unique look at an increasingly important topic examines both the Developed and Less Developed Worlds, challenging the doom and burden scenario to show the opportunities and realities of an increasingly ageing population over the next twenty years. Topics include broad aspects of work, family, and health, as well as the theoretical issues of age, age discrimination, demographic change, and others.



Table of Contents:


  1. Ageing Societies.
  2. The Dynamics of Population Ageing.
  3. Understanding Age and Ageing.
  4. Retirement: From Rest to Reward to Right.
  5. Intergenerational Contract and Social Security.
  6. Changing Families.
  7. Intergenerational Relationships and Family Care/Challenges.
  8. Providing Economic Securityin Less Developed Countries.
  9. Supporting Families and Elder Care in Less Developed Countries.
  10. Equal Treatment, Equal Rights: Ending Age Discrimination.
  11. Mature Societies: Planning for our Future Selves.


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